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York Puppy Satisfies the nutritional demands of puppies in early growth stages
  • 100% Nutritionally complete for healthy growth and development.
  • Formulated mineral system to build strong bones & teeth.
  • Calorie balanced to keep your puppy alert, active and in peak condition.
  • Balanced protein system for muscle development.
  • Enriched with Essential Fatty Acids for a healthy skin and coat.
  • Scientifically formulated to satisfy the high nutritional demands of puppies in their early growth stages.
  • Ideally suited for pregnant and lactating bitches.

    g / kg %
Crude Protein Min 275 27.5
Moisture Max 100 10
Crude Fat Min 80 8
Crude Fibre Max 35 3.5
Crude Ash Max 90 9
Calcium Min 12 1.2
Phosphorus Min 10 1
Linoleic acid Min 17 1.7
Ca : P Ratio 1 , 1 - 1 , 7 : 1

Cereals (rice 15% min) , meat and animal derivatives (chicken 12% min), vegetable derivatives, vegetable protein extracts, milk derivatives, oils & fats, vitamins, minerals and approved anti-oxidants.


The daily feeding portions are approximate for growing puppies. Feeding quantities should be per portion that the puppies will consume in 20 minutes and the remainder of the food should be taken away. Feed ideally from 3 weeks to 14 months of age, depending on mature body weight of your puppy. Feed your puppy the recommended daily allowance in 3 - 4 portions for the first 3 months. Thereafter the recommended daily allowance should ideally be fed in 2 portions.


Approximate daily feeding portions for lactating bitches. Feed intake may vary depending on litter size. For pregnant bitches feed in the last 2 weeks before expected whelping date feed approximately quarter of the recommended amounts. Avoid overfeeding your dog. The daily feeding quantity should be divided into three fresh portions, adjust the portions offered to your bitches appetite.