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York CatNutritionally balanced for adult cats of all breeds
  • Contains Taurine for healthy eyesight and heart.
  • 100% Nutritionally complete for strength and vitality.
  • Calorie balanced to keep your cat alert, active and in peak condition.
  • Balanced protein system for muscular health.
  • Enriched with Essential Fatty Acids for a healthy skin and coat.


The suggested daily feeding quantities are for a adult cat of normal activity. The recommended daily feeding portions should serve as a guideline. Feed intake may vary depending on breeds, individual cats, desired condition, mature body weight, activity level, health status and environmental conditions. 

    g / kg %
Crude Protein Min 200 20
Moisture Max 100 10
Crude Fat Min 60 6
Crude Fibre Max 40 4
Crude Ash Max 90 9
Calcium   12 1.2
Phosphorus Min 10 1
Linoleic acid   17 1.7
Ca : P Ratio 1 , 1 - 1 , 7 : 1

Cereals (rice min 12%), Meat and animal derivatives, vegetable derivatives, fish & fish derivatives (fish min 6%), vegetable protein extracts, milk & milk derivatives, oils & fats, vitamins, minerals and approved anti-oxidants.