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York Puppy

JCW Petfood has been involved in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of the WARRIOR & YORK ranges of petfood since 1996. We added the YORK SUPER range at the end of the last century, when we identified a need for a premium petfood range. The ranges now consist of three adult dog foods, two puppy foods and two cat foods which vary in composition and price and can cater for the needs of any dog or cat.

JCW Petfood manufactured and packed for various other brands of petfood for many years. These brands included Vets Choice, Afgri brands (Lek-a-lik & Jock) Friskies and Alpo. It was the first port of call for many manufacturers if they wanted to introduce a new brand or when they had difficulties to produce. This practice was stopped in 2008 when it was decided to concentrate on building our own brand with our own products.

The company is owned by Chris van Heerden and Frans Gouws and has been successfully managed by them for many years. Les Adlam the technical director has been in charge of production since inception and has attended courses in the USA and elsewhere to remain on top of practices and technology worldwide. He is highly regarded in the industry.